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Your benefit

In cooperation with your company, we believe that we can create added value and  increased competitiveness. 

It can happen through the following initiatives which profitably can be combined:

Design and product development

How can design contribute to growth and a better bottom line?

This is possible not only by design of completely new products or redesign/renewal of already existing products.

On a highly competitive market, the winners will be products of top design and quality.

The price must be reasonable, but the price should not be the primary competitive parameter. Price and quality are closely related, and it can be expensive to buy too cheap!

The design function represents know-how and creativity to find its expression in the product of the client. This is how to create added value.

In a broader perspective, design can be the key to make the difference in the competiveness and profitability of the products.

Strategic design based management

Strategic design based management is a task for the management of the company. 

In close cooperation and involving the entire organization of the company, we offer advice and support.

In this field SMTdesign can make a difference that really matters!

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